“Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Search Engine Bing with Chatbot Integration in Edge Browser”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella held an event at the company headquarters on 7th February, where he announced the new AI-powered search engine, Bing. During the event, Microsoft demonstrated how a conversational chatbot like ChatGPT can be installed on the Bing search engine and Edge browser.

IT media outlet Cnet introduced five AI-based search tasks that can be performed with the new Bing search engine:

  1. Finding information: Bing’s search ranking engine has been improved with OpenAI’s model, providing more relevant search results, accompanied by AI-summarized result values.
  2. Asking for details: After performing a search on Bing, users can click the chat icon near the top of the page to ask more questions. Bing can provide detailed answers in a conversational format.
  3. Writing: The new Bing equipped with AI generation technology can write instead of the user. For example, after researching a topic, users can ask Bing to write a summary, which they can then edit and insert into an email.
  4. Getting a website description: The Edge browser’s Bing search sidebar can provide a summary of the currently viewed website, including product specifications, prices, reviews, and more.
  5. Answering broad questions: In the new Bing, users can ask broad questions and receive summaries of key information directly on the search page, with links to learn more.

These are the AI-based search tasks that can be performed with the new Bing search engine.

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